Monday, December 18, 2006

Home builders' confidence falls in December

Home builders' confidence falls in December
Builders' outlook brightens, but buyer traffic drops

A familiar refrain:

U.S. home builders were a bit more pessimistic about the housing market in December, but they're growing more hopeful that home sales could perk up in six months, the National Association of Home Builders reported Monday.

This same sentiment seems to be echoed with each new "prediction" about the US housing market: Things are bad now, worse than we thought they'd be, but they are just about to get better." I have not seen a single construction/RE thinktank that didn't append that type of opinion onto the end of a disasterous report.

In Bend, the Annie-themed press seems to be even more adamant that "The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow". Almost no real estate reporting is done without a large contingent of RE interested persons or groups who state categorically that real estate is going to rebound "imminently and higher than ever before". And this opinion has proved so consistently wrong, that much media coverage of the single most important economic event in Bend in the last 20 years, is being covered with a rose-colored glasses perspective that is almost without parallel.

Talking Up The Market will not work. It's foolish to think otherwise. This blog, and its predecessor are not about trying to hurt Bend or the RE market here, as that is equally impossible. It is about getting a variety of opinion, not a single biased opinion. Say what you will here: it's an unmoderated discussion meant to provoke thinking and analysis. Bend needs a media outlet, even one as modest as this blog, to help people understand what is really being talked about "out there" with respect to Bend real estate.