Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bend Bubble Blog - 2

I was a loyal follower of the now defunct Bend Housing Bubble, moderated by Bend Economy Man. A great forum moderated by a great guy, he seemed to lose his gusto for the blog, and ultimately shut it down. A few substitutes have cropped up, one being a Bulletin Board style site. While I think it is a good idea, I long for the single thread format of the previous blog, which seemed easier to understand.

So, I am creating this blog as a (hopefully) drop-in replacement for BEM's great blog, with the same format, and hopefully many of the same posters. I hope to run it in much the same way BEM ran his blog, with a few exceptions: Posts won't be moderated, but will be posted immediately without any intervention. This has pluses & minuses, namely content can be just about anything, including objectionable, off-topic, and so on. So be it. And also to preclude machine-driven submissions there will have to be a Captcha box.

I'm not sure I am up to the task of filling BEM's thoughtful shoes, and maybe with unmoderated discussions I won't have to be, but hopefully this blog will provide an interesting alternative to mainstream Bend media, which seemed to be less-than-forthright in the eyes of many BEM-blog commenters.

And to explictly state what this blog is about: Bend Oregon Real Estate, whether it is or has been in a bubble or not, whether this bubble is/has burst, implications for residents, businesses and others, and just about any topic relevant to the Bend Oregon economy and the surrounding region, and housing in general. With unmoderated discussion, I suppose anything goes though. Hopefully, people will realize the value of staying on topic, and will minimize personal "flame-wars".


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